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FIFA Laws of the Game-> - The techinal definition of the game of soccer

  1. Field, Equipment, Uniforms
  2. Duties of the Referee and Assistant Referees
  3. Starting and Restarting a Match
  4. When is a Ball In-Play or Out-of-Play
  5. Offside
  6. Fouls and Misconducts
  7. Free Kicks, Penalty Kicks, Throw-ins, Goal Kicks and Corner Kicks

Guide to Procedures for Referees and Assistant Referees-> - The mechanics of the game

  1. What happens before the game?
  2. How do referees communicate during the game?
  3. Where to referees stand during the game?
  4. How are misconducts handled?
  5. How is the timing of the game handled?

Advice to Referees on the Laws of the Game-> - A walk through the FIFA Laws of the Game interpreting each law into common sense.

There are many more useful documents for referees in the Links Section and the Document Section of this website.

Last Updated May 14, 2013